Country Bathhouse Mini Fall Foaming Hand Soaps

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Introducing Organic Foam Soap from Country Bathhouse. Each bottle is 2oz.

Directions: Wet hands. Dispense one or two pumps into palm. Rub hands together to lather. Rinse hands with warm water. Pat dry. 


Witches brew-This is the unisex version of the very popular Pink Sugar Fragrance Nice Vanilla Musk with hints of citrus, patchouli and green floral.


Apple Pie


Caramel Vanilla - Smells like vanilla and caramelized sugar.


Caramel Swirl - Smells like fresh caramel squares dashed with pumpkin spice and mint. 


Pumpkin Pie - This Pumpkin Pie Fragrance smells just like a fresh pie with just the right amount of spice


Hot Maple Toddy - Has the comforting of buttery maple touched with a hint of bourbon fire to strike a perfect balance.



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