Country Bathhouse Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin Pie-This Pumpkin Pie Fragrance smells just like a fresh pie with just the right amount of spice


Bath Bomb - 5 oz. | Our bath bombs are made with the same non-staining organic coloring and all hypoallergenic ingredients as our Bubble Rubbles, but with more fizz and fewer bubbles.


Goat's Milk Soap Bar - 2 oz. | Our Organic Goats Milk Soap nourishes and hydrates skin with all natural ingredients.


Loofah Soap - 3.5 oz. | Our organic soaps with loofah inside will exfoliate your skin and keep it baby smooth.


Soothe Moves - 8 oz. | Our Soothe Moves body lotions contain vitamin E rich sunflower oil and allantoin to soothe and hydrate skin. 


Waxi Melt - 2.5 oz | Our Waxi Melts are our great alternative to our candles! We us Soy Wax that is paraben free and Vegan! 1 pack of our Waxi's will last for more than 75 hours!



Sassy Latte Boutique always has new items and fun things!! Can always find something for everyone!!


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