Country Bathhouse Witches Brew

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 Witches brew-This is the unisex version of the very popular Pink Sugar Fragrance Nice Vanilla Musk with hints of citrus, patchouli and green floral.

Air Waves All Natural Room Spray8 oz. | Air Waves natural room sprays keep your home, office, or car vibrant and fresh using minimal ingredients and no carcinogens.


Bath Bomb - 5 oz. | Our bath bombs are made with the same non-staining organic coloring and all hypoallergenic ingredients as our Bubble Rubbles, but with more fizz and fewer bubbles.


Double Date Whipped Soap and Shave - This luscious whipped body soap doubles as a shave cream that can be used on the body or face. 


Get On Up Body Wash - 8 oz. | Our all natural body soap will leave you skin clean, soft, and hydrated! Our hand made body soap does not leave a film on your skin like other soaps. Get On Up Body Wash contains cocamidopropyl betaine thought to have aid in antiseptic properties.


Goat's Milk Soap Bar - 2 oz. | Our Organic Goats Milk Soap nourishes and hydrates skin with all natural ingredients.


Loofah Soap3.5 oz. | Our organic soaps with loofah inside will exfoliate your skin and keep it baby smooth.


Waxi Melt - 2.5 oz | Our Waxi Melts are our great alternative to our candles! We us Soy Wax that is paraben free and Vegan! 1 pack of our Waxi's will last for more than 75 hours!


Your Own Beeswax Body Butter - 4 oz. | Our body butters penetrate the toughest and driest skin to revive softness and elasticity without clogging pores using a beeswax base and vitamin E rich sunflower seed oil. Pure essential oils add even greater benefit.



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